Competition Law

Competition Law

“Nothing focuses the mind better than the constant sight of a competitor who wants to wipe you off the map.” Wayne Calloway

The academics usually teach that perfect competition brings the greatest amount of social welfare to everyone. Perfect competition is however, an ideal, unlikely ever to be achieved in practice. Therefore, the laws on competition are drafted in a way to establish a reasonably balanced environment in which competitors and consumers have equal chances to pursue their best interests. In these circumstances an experienced lawyer is the factor that makes the difference, the advisor that uses the legal tools to win for his client fair advantage on the other market players (competitors, businesses and/or consumers).

As competition laws increasingly influence the conduct of national and international business, Eurolex Bulgaria /ADP’s first-class legal advice is essential in giving its clients competitive advantage.

Eurolex Bulgaria/ADP’s track record of success in competition law disputes has earned us the reputation as a leading expert in Bulgaria, able to achieve successful outcomes even in the most complicated cases. Leaning on our expertise in the national framework on competition, reinforced by an extensive research of the case law of the Court of First Instance and the European Court of Justice, we provide our clients with an exhaustive arsenal of arguments and defences to be used against the opponent. We combine the expertise of our litigation, corporate and competition teams to pursue the interests of our clients in the most cost-efficient and pragmatic manner.

“Eurolex Bulgaria” has an in-depth experience in the area of competition law, being unique for the preventive counselling on competition issues successfully practiced to avoid costly litigation for investors and consumers. We provide our clients with the full range of competition services:

  • assessing concentrations and conducting cartel investigations
  • dealing with various forms of abuse of dominant position, including claims of discriminatory behaviour, price fixing, tying, onerous terms and conditions, refusals to supply, vertical restraints
  • overall counselling in respect of M&A control
  • structuring M&A transactions, including preparation of pre-merger information and notification to the competent authorities
  • assessing unfair advertising practices and advising on advertisement compliance issues
  • advising standards-setting associations
  • drafting and reviewing horizontal and vertical commercial agreements that may potentially restrict competition, including cooperation, distribution and licensing agreements
  • providing legal advice on the application and enforcement of EU law in the area of competition
  • advising in respect of state aid requirements and preparing expert reports on compliance of investment projects with state aid law
  • advising clients in disputes and on alleged violations of consumer regulations
  • representing clients in proceedings before the Commission on Protection of Competition, the Commission for Consumer Protection, and the Supreme Court for violations of the competition legal framework.