Water Sector and Environment

Water Sector and Environment

“Constant dripping hollows out a stone.”

Eurolex Bulgaria maintains dominant position in the field of waters and wastewaters. Our work on the €130 million Sofia Water and Wastewater Concession Project and on the Water Companies Restructuring and Modernization Project, together with our contribution to the drafting of legislation governing this sector, gives Eurolex Bulgaria/AD&P’s clients a competitive advantage at all stages of a project.

Our lawyers have proven expertise and provide:

  • advice on obtaining permits for water use and on industry concessions
  • representation before the relevant authorities providing environmental permits and water and wastewater management decisions
  • preparation of legal, financial, ecological and social analysis for concessions on mineral waters, dams, micro dams
  • advice on environmental impact assessments
  • legal assistance in the acquisition of industrial land for project purposes
  • assistance in obtaining financing from the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, USAID, CIDA, PHARE, ISPA, SAPARD

Among other matters, we have worked with private companies and public bodies on a wide variety of projects involving:

  • extraction of mineral waters
  • construction of water purification facilities
  • dams and micro dams
  • water supply and sewage systems
  • ship and yacht ports
  • regional water operators
  • regulatory framework in the water and wastewater sector

Eurolex Bulgaria/AD&P ensures that clients remain informed and compliant with ongoing environmental obligations under Bulgarian and European law.

Recognizing the central role of environmental issues in commercial and industrial activities today and the upward trend for creation of complex environmental regulations, “Eurolex Bulgaria” /AD&P always does its utmost to keep the clients well informed for their environmental obligations under Bulgarian and European law. The severe financial consequences for violation of environmental acts, requires our lawyers to possess profound knowledge of the legislative provisions and planned amendments on this matter.

We work closely with non-governmental organizations in the following areas:

  • sustainable development
  • protection of bio diversity
  • water basin management
  • information access on ecological matters