Media and Telecommunications

Media and Telecommunications

“Whoever controls the media controls the mind.” Jim Morrison

The collapse of the previous political regime was immediately followed by the revival of the Bulgarian media sector. Numerous TV networks, radio stations and newspapers emerged and began evolving and competing. In an environment of major changes in media, the legal framework was frequently modified, creating an uncertain and unpredictable sector.

This was the nature of the market in 1998 when Eurolex Bulgaria/ADP began providing advice in the area of media and telecommunications. Several years later, the firm was entrusted with the drafting of the new Radio and Television Act. Today, the creative approach we developed and applied to media projects is highly valued by both broadcasting entities and future investors.

The team at Eurolex Bulgaria/ADP possesses an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business, the increasing competition they face, and the complex regulatory environment in which they operate. Our expert services to the industry include:

  • advice on the legal structure and incorporation of radio and TV operators
  • conducting negotiations between broadcasters and the government under the umbrella of Non-Governmental Organizations operating in the media sector
  • assisting investors in the application for broadcasting licences and the necessary approvals for telecommunication and radio/TV activity
  • preparation of all documentation required for subsequent amendments and renewals of broadcasting licences
  • providing advice on all regulatory issues
  • advising clients with regard to subscribers’ and operators’ rights and obligations
  • assisting operators with their day-to-day activities, such as modification of program schedules and network coverage expansion
  • drafting and negotiating advertising and sponsorship agreements
  • drafting service agreements and standard terms and conditions
  • drafting and negotiating contracts for distribution of newspapers and other printed publications
  • handling all aspects of cases of defamation or any other infringements of moral rights
  • advising on M&A and the establishment of joint ventures in the media sector, including overall due diligence of companies
  • providing legal advice in the area of information technology
  • representing clients in proceedings before regulatory authorities (Council for Electronic Media and the Commission for Regulation of Communications), in the courts, arbitration tribunals and before the Competition Commission.

Our media and telecommunication practice incorporates a specialist group of lawyers who work exclusively on corporate restructurings and large M&A projects in the media sector. Their experience in the corporate field combines with an in-depth understanding of media issues to provide unrivalled levels of advice to clients.

In recognition of our expertise in this sector and in advising broadcasters, the firm has been selected to provide day-to-day advice to the Association of Bulgarian Broadcasters (ABRO), representing over 160 TV and radio operators in Bulgaria.

Our clients include:

  • radio and television broadcasters
  • newspapers and other printed publications
  • advertising agencies
  • producers of audiovisual and audio recordings
  • book and press publishers
  • website operators