Concessions, Public-Private Partnerships and Privatizations

Concessions, Public-Private Partnerships and Privatizations

“What usually comes first is the contract.” Benjamin Disraeli

The partnership between the public sector and business presents a powerful engine for modernization. Every partnership including the Public-private partnerships (PPPs) requires smooth relations based on trust and cooperation and founded on a solid, detailed legal framework which clearly defines the rights and obligations of both parties. Eurolex Bulgaria/ADP is a leader in this area of law, with significant experience in advising both private companies and public clients initiating open tenders or in negotiations.

Highly complex procurement laws regulating virtually all aspects of contract award and performance characterise this market. We offer a comprehensive package of legal services, specifically adapted to the needs of investors on the one hand and to public entities on the other, including:

  • providing legal consultation during public procurement procedures
  • assisting tenderers in the preparation of bid documentation
  • advising clients on the application of often unique, sector-specific concession regulations
  • drafting and negotiating concession agreements and advising clients during the concession period
  • analysing the legal and financial structure of PPP projects
  • drafting and negotiating specific PPP agreements with public authorities
  • advising on procedure and risk under the applicable legal framework
  • representing bidders and contracting entities before public procurement authorities
  • assisting clients in the preparation of a bid
  • drafting invitations to tender
  • acting as intermediary between private entities and public bodies in PPP negotiations
  • advising public agencies in the preparation of feasibility studies

Having worked on numerous PPP projects and concessions, Eurolex Bulgaria/ADP possesses a deep insight into the inner workings of Bulgarian public bodies, essential for smoothing a path through sometimes complex Bulgarian administrative procedures.

Eurolex Bulgaria/ADP has a strong standing in privatizations, having regularly provided our clients with a wide variety of legal and consultancy services including:

  • legal analysis and assessments
  • preparation and submission of privatization offers
  • negotiation and signing of privatization contracts
  • representation of clients in dispute resolution proceedings
  • provision of consultation services to public bodies in connection with privatization of their stocks or shares in trade companies