Intellectual Property and Technology

Intellectual Property and Technology

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

Names, ideas, inventions and the uniqueness of a brand or product can be the most important assets in a business. The substantial investments that businesses make in development, brand management and product awareness can be lost in the absence of intelligent enforcement and constant protection of intellectual property (IP) rights.

Eurolex Bulgaria / ADP’s team of experts develops strategies for the active enforcement of our clients’ rights and respond swiftly and decisively to any threat of infringement of those rights.

Drawing inspiration from the unique activities of each of our clients our lawyers offer an array of strategic legal services including:

  • determining availability of protection and registering intellectual and industrial property rights at the Bulgarian Patent Office
  • assisting in the application procedure for EU patents and EU trademarks
  • enforcing intellectual and industrial property rights through various means, such as cease-and-desist activities, opposing competitor trademark registrations, cancellations, domain name arbitrations, seizures, mediation
  • developing the use of trademarks in economic competition
  • evaluating IP portfolios in the course of due diligence proceedings
  • advising on the transfer and purchase of intellectual property rights
  • drafting and negotiating licensing agreements, strategic alliances and sponsorship agreements
  • advising on matters of data protection, trade secrets and know-how
  • dealing with intellectual property issues within M&A transactions
  • preventing counterfeit and piracy and protecting branded products and corporate names
  • responding to defamation
  • representing clients in civil and criminal proceedings for IP rights infringements, defending trademarks, corporate names, copyrights, trade secrets, patents, industrial designs, geographical indications
  • protecting intellectual property rights in employer-employee and independent contractors’ relationships

Our IP team proactively prepares for possible IP rights infringements, helping our clients avoid them. Our commitment to clients is complemented by the high skills of our lawyers. The firm participated in the drafting of the Radio and Television Act and in the preparation of its subsequent amendments. We have established an open dialogue with the regulating authorities and the firm is at the forefront of legal developments in the sector.