Energy and Natural Resources

Energy and Natural Resources

"I shall make electricity so cheap that only the rich can afford to burn candles." Thomas Alva Edison

The nature of Bulgaria’s energy sector, with lengthy project lifecycles and complex regulatory requirements, demands that investors work hand in hand with their legal advisors over an extensive period of time. Eurolex Bulgaria/AD&P has significant experience in a wide variety of energy projects, acting for clients both as consultant and lobbyist, as well as advising on all the legal issues necessary to get a project on track. Our team understands the law governing energy projects – we were asked by the Government to draft a substantial part of the new Bulgarian Energy legislation.

Our integrated legal services include:

  • advice on the preferred legal and financial structure of projects
  • preparation of tender documentation, negotiating and documenting project agreements
  • due diligence audits of energy companies
  • all licensing matters
  • negotiation of utility connection contracts
  • compliance with EU and Bulgarian regulations
  • representation before the energy regulator and competition authorities
  • acting in respect of disputes arising from projects

Members of the firm have gathered extensive experience in:

  • the electricity industry
  • renewable energy: wind farms, solar power plants, hydroelectric plants, bio fuels
  • oil and gas
  • heating
  • natural resources
  • energy efficiency
  • emissions trading under the Kyoto Protocol